Gearing Up for Halloween – Gathering Resources for Costumes and Props

Sometimes you want things to look a certain way but you don’t have the time, materials or skills to make it happen. And there is no shame in cutting corners or substituting one thing for another. I know some people are all about the “authenticity” but Steampunk should be a bit of silly fun and […]

Gearing Up for Halloween – Plastic Makes the Props Go Round

Plastic is an incredibly versatile material and it is everywhere. With a little ingenuity and elbow grease you can make it into just about anything. First off, there are toys. At any Steampunk cosplay event you can be sure you will see suped-up Nerf guns and squirt guns that look like they walked right out […]

Child’s Dragon Cape DIY

Costumes can be tricky, especially for children and especially for outdoor events. Although everyone wants their costumes to be cool and comfortable, dressing children has the added difficulty of juvenile pickiness. If it itches, it won’t stay on. If it gets too hot, it might be randomly discarded. With such high demands, it can be […]

DIY Illuminated Staff

It’s Halloween, you’ve got your costume, or at least your costume idea, but what’s a good costume without a worthy prop? This holiday season is bookended by major motion pictures with staff-wielding heroes. This spring, we saw one of Disney’s best villains return in Maleficent. In December, Gandalf will make the silver screen a little […]

Cosplaying the Eighth Doctor

In January 2012, sixteen years after the airing of Doctor Who – the Movie, staring Paul McGann and Eric Roberts, I finally debuted my full on attempt at cosplaying this George Lazenby of Who. Unlike the 1996 Doctor, the hair is actually mine, although if you watch McGann’s audition video for the role of the […]

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