Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – April 2016 Report

With just a week before the 2016 International Steampunk Symposium, many Cincinnati Steampunks were at home busy finishing (or maybe starting) their outfits for the convention and their trip into Wonderland, but a brave bunch came out for the April Salon as well.

Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – March 2016 Report

With Aloysius away on official Steampunk business, March’s Steampunk Salon was overtaken by the Airship Corsair Iniquitous! After placing their banners to assert ownership, and allowing the dust to settle as Steampunks socialized, Co-Captains O’Dalaigh and Splinter ran a trivia contest from their favorite movie, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. With prizes donated from Captain O’Dalaigh’s FiendishWear steampunk leather […]

France & Britain Invade the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon

The British are coming! The British are coming! And so are the French! Awesome news for Steampunks in and around Cincinnati!

Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – January 2016 Report

The first Cincinnati Steampunk Salon of 2016 was met by an enthusiastic crowd of ladies and gentlemen who saw in the New Year with food, drink, merry conversation, some dancing, and . . . the Celebration of Regiftus?

Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – December 2015 Report

There were several news faces at this month’s Cincinnati Steampunk Salon, which is always a thrill each month when more and more people learn about the Salon. It is a wonderful thing to see people enter this safe space and shine with that feeling of having found their people as they are welcomed into the tribe […]

Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – November 2015 Report

This month’s Cincinnati Steampunk Salon saw a new form of entertainment to the usual monthly gathering with the first ever Talent Show. Many Salon regulars and several new faces turned out this weekend to see what our local talent had to offer, and to vote on which act they would most like to see at […]

Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – October Report

This month’s Cincinnati Steampunk Salon was indeed a special event as we were joined by the marvelous gentleman of chap-hop himself . . . Sir Reginald Pikedevant Esquire!

Monthly Vendor & Performer Opportunities in Cincinnati

The Pandora Society currently produces 30 events each year, 24 of which are free to the public, the monthly Cincinnati Steampunk Salon on the first Saturday of each month and the Cincinnati Geek Club on the third Wednesday of each month. At both of the free events we have opportunities for vendors and performers.

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