From John Steed to Sherlock Holmes

The lives and careers of Patrick Macnee and Christopher Lee possess some remarkable parallels. Both were born in 1922, both were contemporaries at Summerfields preparatory school where they first performed on stage together, they both fought in World War II, they died 18 days apart, and they both played Sherlock Holmes.

Remembering a Spy Called Steed

Last week on June 25th, 2015 another fine English chap died after a long and interesting life. Best known for his role as John Steed in the TV show The Avengers, Patrick Macnee became the embodiment of the perfect English gentlemen, suave and debonair, but capable of cool and calm action when the situation called for […]

June 17th, 1939 – Off with His Head!

The last public guillotining in France was of convicted murderer Eugen Weidmann; he was guillotined in Versailles outside the Saint-Pierre prison.

Sir Christopher Lee’s Top Five Movie Roles.

For many, British actor Sir Christopher Lee seemed like one of those ageless people who might go on forever, a person who might actually be as immortal as the infamous vampire whom he portrayed so many times on the big screen. On June 7th, 2015, however, Lee’s body finally failed what seems like an unstoppable spirit, […]

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