So What is This “Boxing Day” Thing?

Nostalgia will always paint a brighter picture of times past, so of course Christmases from my childhood and early adulthood spent in Britain will seem better, but there is something that definitely makes the Holiday season in Britain, and other Commonwealth countries, better than my Christmas experiences in the United States, and that is Boxing […]

Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe

Then the woman asked: ‘Have all things taken oaths to spare Baldr?’ and Frigg answered: ‘There grows a tree-sprout alone westward of Valhall: it is called Mistletoe; I thought it too young to ask the oath of.’ Then straightway the woman turned away; but Loki took Mistletoe and pulled it up and went to the […]

5 (Good) Reasons to (Re)Watch The Muppet Christmas Carol

There aren’t many things from the 90’s that have survived past the first decade of the new century. And for that we should be grateful. However, the particular brand of sass that is The Muppet Christmas Carol has aged well and now resonates with not only the generation it was produced for, but new young’uns […]

This Day in History – December 24th, 1914

The Christmas truce (German: Weihnachtsfrieden; French: Trêve de Noël) was a series of widespread but unofficial ceasefires along the Western Front around Christmas 1914. In the week leading up to the holiday, German and British soldiers crossed trenches to exchange seasonal greetings and talk. In areas, men from both sides ventured into no man’s land […]

Christmas Science

If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest advances in LEDs then you’re missing out on a lot. LED technology in decorating has come so far, so fast, that even old people use LED candles instead of the real thing. They’re an obvious solution for Christmas lights, of course, and their small size and […]

Bellingrath Gardens is tops in Christmas lights in the Mobile Bay

From the frozen north to the balmy south a favorite Christmas tradition is decorating trees, houses, and most anything that doesn’t move (and a few that do) with colored lights.  Some flash, change colors, and even play music. After the lights are up, families will pile in the car and ride around and look ast […]

Short Story – “Holidays and Home”

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present you a Sunday Steampunk Short Story. If you wish to submit your own prose for the reading pleasure of The Pandora Society please following the instructions at the end of this tale . . .  Holidays and Home by Cindy Spencer Pape Christmas Eve, 1859, Hadrian Hall, Northumberland “It’s our first Christmas […]

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