Unique Convention and Festival Accommodations

As springtime blooms in North America, conventions and festivals (especially outdoor festivals) start to appear in the calendar. Travel is certainly a consideration when planning what events to attend, as is finding a place to stay when you arrive. Many attendees plan to stay at the hotel associated with the convention centers, but there are more whimsical (and less expensive choices) available if one takes the initiative to search. One such inexpensive accommodation is available in downtown Chicago: Vincent Van Gogh’s Bedroom.

Interview with Author/Filmmaker Ytasha Womack

Ytasha Womack, author of Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci-Fi & Fantasy Culture as well as the science-fiction novel Rayla 2212, put her Afrofuturism-themed film Bar Star City into production last fall. The film looks at love, deception, memory and alienation among a group of bar regulars in Chicago. Ofeibea Loveless talks to Womack about her film, […]

Chicago Steampunk Salon – December 2015 Report

This week’s report is brought to you by two of the Windy City Steam Collective’s co-conspirators Miss Vivienne Merriweather and Dr. J.D. Pembroke. You might know them from such places as the Salon and various Speakeasies around Chicago. Chicago has a monthly Steampunk salon! Run by the Windy City Steam Collective, it brings the Chicagoland Steampunk community […]

Chicago Steampunk Salon – October Report

Fourteenth of October, Two-Thousand Fifteen Chicago, Illinois Stumbling out of my carriage on a chilly Chicago night leads me straight into the doors of Delilah’s, where some patrons are immediately shuffled upstairs to greet a bevy of immaculately dressed folks that have gathered from all around. Outside, airships, hot-air balloons, and carriages are tied up to corners of […]

Chicago Steampunk Salon – September 2015 Dispatch

The scene was set as Steampunks from the City and Burbs of Chicago gathered for the new Chicago SteamPunk Salon presented by the nefarious minds of the Windy City Steam Collective.

June 6th, 1892 – The Chicago “L” Comes to Life

The first “L”, the Chicago and South Side Rapid Transit Railroad, began revenue service on June 6th, 1892, when a small steam locomotive pulling four wooden coaches carrying a total of 27 men and 3 women departed the 39th Street station and arrived at the Congress Street Terminal 14 minutes later, over tracks that are still […]

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