Cupheads – Game Pre-review

There’s nothing I love to do more than drum up support for cool new game concepts, and whilst the gaming world continues to bask in graphic hyper-realism and novel-worthy narratives, ‘Cupheads’ shows us how faithful appreciation of beloved old-time themes, simple, intuitive controls and, well, simply gorgeous artwork can provide a delightful alternative. This mischievously charming game is a fusion of entertainment genres spanning […]


Well hello Space Cadets! This week  was one of those “life just kept getting in the way weeks” and we were unable to produce a brand-spanking new episode of  the show for you. Instead we’re dressing up an old episode from our pre-Pandoracon days and it worked out quite snazzy if we do say so […]

Saturday Morning Sci-fi Blitz!

Well hello Space Cadets! This week we’re mixing it up a bit and revisiting those Sci-fi filled saturday mornings of yore! No doubt the first of many, we’ll spend this episode looking at three sci-fi cartoon intros we all know and love. They may not have been the best written or had the most memorable […]

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