Symposium 2017 Session – Mixology 101/210

Mixology 101/210 (21+). Presented by Calamity Dawn, Dorian Bridges, and Odetta von Kasek. A look into making fabulous cocktails!

Calamity’s Corner: I, Bartender

From ancient concepts of golems to clockwork automatons to fully synthetic, sentient beings like Star Trek – The Next Generation‘s Data, artificial humans have been part of our shared mythology for quite some time. In these days it is not uncommon for robots and other automated machinery to perform a variety of tasks. Auto production has […]

Symposium Session – Mixology Madness

Mixology Madness (21+) Presented by Calamity Dawn, Dorian Bridges and Odetta Von Kasek A hands on Mixology Experience!

Calamity’s Corner: Teslacon Party Review!

It was Friday night at Teslacon. It was the best of times. It was the…well, yeah, it was the best of times! An event took place that night, one that will surely go down in the annals of history as being a most epic event! The Pandora society, in conjunction with the Corsair Iniquitous and […]

Calamity’s Corner: Martini Madness!

Of all the drinks, in all the world, none holds quite the mystique, the elegance, and the image of the Martini. I’m not talking about your Appletinis, Chocotinis, fruity-fru-fru-vodka-and-liqueur in a stemmed glass, no. It takes more than a fancy martini glass to make a Martini. (These days I refer to those other drinks as […]

Calamity’s Corner: Let’s Have a Tiki!

  Tiki bars have come and gone, then come again, and gone, then come back… I think you get the drift. For 80 some odd years Tiki culture (and yes, there is such a thing) has waxed and waned. No other word in the bartending community can evoke such debate as TIKI!

Symposium Session – Mixology 210

Mixology 210 Presented by Calamity Labs Mixology 210: An exploration of intermediate to advanced home bar and cocktails. Mixology 210: A Tipple more about Cocktails A panel discussing the finer applications of more advanced techniques and recipes. Through this it will help the “home-tender” to better understand the process of mixology. We will deconstruct cocktail recipes, […]

Symposium Session – Mixology 320

Mixology 320 Presented by Calamity Labs Mixology 320: You’ve been to the presentations, now it’s time to try something a little hands on! Mixology 320 is a more hands on experience. This is a chance for you to show Calamity and Dorian what you’ve learned. There will 3 teams of 3 people competing for the coveted […]

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