Women of Awesomeness: Susan Ivanova

When we first meet Susan Ivanova she is a Lt. Commander and XO of the Babylon 5 space station. From the get-go she is a capable officer, strong in her convictions, loyal and honorable. Underneath her competent, hard as nails exterior is a woman with a tragic history, and a belief that all love is […]

Calamity’s Corner: Say Hello to Stillwright’s!

In August I took a visit with some friends of mine out at Stillwright’s, a distillery local to me. I was given a brief tour, got to sample some products, and spent some time conversing with some pretty neat people. Stillwright’s makes several different liquors, bourbon, moonshine in a variety of flavors, and rum – […]

Calamity’s Corner: Martini Madness!

Of all the drinks, in all the world, none holds quite the mystique, the elegance, and the image of the Martini. I’m not talking about your Appletinis, Chocotinis, fruity-fru-fru-vodka-and-liqueur in a stemmed glass, no. It takes more than a fancy martini glass to make a Martini. (These days I refer to those other drinks as […]

Calamity’s Corner: CyberPunk Drinks!

So, long before I strapped on my first corset, before I glued some gears on it, long long before Steampunk entered my life I was into Cyberpunk. I guess I can say I was introduced to things Cyber waaayyy back in the summer of ’82. It was just before my 12th B-day and I was […]

Calamity’s Corner: Let’s Have a Tiki!

  Tiki bars have come and gone, then come again, and gone, then come back… I think you get the drift. For 80 some odd years Tiki culture (and yes, there is such a thing) has waxed and waned. No other word in the bartending community can evoke such debate as TIKI!

Calamity’s Corner: The Negroni

This week was Negroni Week! It is a time held most dear to me and some of the Minions in the Labs. An entire week to pay tribute to an amazing cocktail. Bars across the country, even the world, held special events, donating some of their profits from selling Negronis to charities of their choosing. […]

Gin: The Steampunk Spirit

At the International Steampunk Symposium 2014, the Steampunk Chronicles announced the winners of their Readers’ Choice Awards. In the category of “Most Steampunk Drink” Gin was the clear winner. Gin has a long and interesting history. There are a lot of legends, anecdotes, and misconception about this amazing liquor. Come with me on a little […]

ElfQuest: My Earliest Obsession.

I was an Army brat. Consequently my Momma spent a chunk of time off doing Army stuff, and every time she came home she brought me a souvenir from whatever exotic place she happened to be at. An Eskimo doll from Alaska, a pretty parasol from Korea, candy from Germany. Well, this one time she […]

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