Symposium Session – Androids, Automatons, and Robots, Oh My!

Androids, Automatons, and Robots, Oh My! Presented by Brett King & Claude McDonald Come learn about how to build your own automaton, no experience required!

Symposium Session – Lights, Sound, Action!

Lights, Sound, Action! Presented by Brett King Tips for beginners and experts alike for adding lights, sound, and motion to your steampunk props. Allegedly dangerous devices will be demonstrated. Presented as a panel with a discussion on a variety of steampunk props and weapons (all non-functional, with a fantastical appearance). Construction techniques, parts, and suppliers will […]

Symposium Session – Around the World with Gustaf Danielsson

Around the World with Gustaf Danielsson Presented by Brett King  Legendary explorer Gustaf Danielsson tells of his own attempt to circumnavigate the globe in substantially less than 80 days using the powers of modern technology. Come hear about his extraordinary encounters in this fun, interactive panel. The session is presented in-character in the style of a […]

Symposium Session – The Maker’s Toolbox

The Maker’s Toolbox Presented by Brett King Award-winning maker Brett King shows you the common and uncommon tools that can be used for building great steampunk props. Brett will open up his toolbox (literally) to show the tools he uses to make his steampunk props. The discussion will range from basic hand tools for working wood, […]

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