Doug Van Belle–East of the Sun

We’re on our final week of East of the Sun! Have you had fun? What did you enjoy the most? Would you like to see more programs like this in the future? Give us your feedback by filling out our survey! If you were registered to win one of our prize packets, now is the […]

Oceania (And Everywhere Else)

We’re in the last week of East of the Sun! If you registered with us in June, now is the time to finish up those reading lists and make sure everything is in order. I’ll be emailing you next week to get them sent in, and announce who came out with the most points! Meanwhile, […]

Amy Kuivalainen–East of the Sun

This week we are exploring Scandinavia with a delightful new author. Amy Kuivalainen is a Finnish Australian writer with an obsessive interest in the fairy tales and mythology of the Nordic countries and Russia, as well as magical wardrobes, doors, auroras and burial mounds that might offer her a way into another realm. Until her […]

November 11th, 1880 – Ned Kelly, The Iron Man Outlaw

On November 11th, 1880, Australian bushranger Ned Kelly was hanged at Melbourne Gaol.

July 16th, 1910 – Australia Takes to the Skies!

The Duigan pusher biplane (often simply called the Duigan biplane) was an early aircraft which made the first powered flight by an Australian-designed and built machine when it flew in Victoria in 1910. The aircraft was constructed by John Duigan with help from his brother, Reginald, on their family farm at Mia Mia. The effort […]

June 14th, 1822 – International Steampunk Day

Around the world, today is considered to be International Steampunk Day, but why June 14th? The answer is 193 years old when Charles Babbage’s invention created a rift in time that spawned an entirely new alternative universe in which the Information Age occurred during the reign of Queen Victoria, and thus the World of Steampunk!

June 9th, 1928 – The First Trans-Pacific Flight

Sir Charles Edward Kingsford Smith MC, AFC, often called by his nickname Smithy, was an early Australian aviator. In 1928, he earned global fame when he made the first trans-Pacific flight from the United States to Australia. He also made the first non-stop crossing of the Australian mainland, the first flights between Australia and New […]

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