Calamity’s Corner: The Negroni

This week was Negroni Week! It is a time held most dear to me and some of the Minions in the Labs. An entire week to pay tribute to an amazing cocktail. Bars across the country, even the world, held special events, donating some of their profits from selling Negronis to charities of their choosing. […]

What is the Booze of Steampunk?

Recently we ran an article about gin based on the fact that it was voted best Steampunk Spirit in the Steampunk Chronicles Reader’s Choice Awards in 2014 . . . upon publishing the article we had many of our readers contesting gin as the Steampunk booze of choice, so we decided to run our own […]

Gin: The Steampunk Spirit

At the International Steampunk Symposium 2014, the Steampunk Chronicles announced the winners of their Readers’ Choice Awards. In the category of “Most Steampunk Drink” Gin was the clear winner. Gin has a long and interesting history. There are a lot of legends, anecdotes, and misconception about this amazing liquor. Come with me on a little […]

Calamity’s Corner: Just What Are We Up To?

The International Steampunk Symposium is THIS weekend! If you listen closely you can almost hear Steampunks from all over furiously putting the last touches on their costumes, packing their supplies, preparing tea, and generally getting ready for a rollicking good time. The same is true for us here at Calamity Labs. We’ve been hard at work […]

Symposium Session – Mixology 210

Mixology 210 Presented by Calamity Labs Mixology 210: An exploration of intermediate to advanced home bar and cocktails. Mixology 210: A Tipple more about Cocktails A panel discussing the finer applications of more advanced techniques and recipes. Through this it will help the “home-tender” to better understand the process of mixology. We will deconstruct cocktail recipes, […]

Calamity’s Creative Mixology

Let me start out by saying that I am not real expert in the art of mixology. I kind of stumbled into the title; one might even say I drunkenly staggered into it. That being said, I have done a fair bit of research on the subject, and I’ve conducted numerous experiments in the field. […]

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