Medicine Macabre – Beer Medicine!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Do you need an excuse to drink? Do you suffer from all manner of ailments, imaginary or otherwise? Do your children complain too much? Of course, all children do. Well have no fear, because with the use of clever advertising and an amnesiac approach to common sense and medical understanding, you too can enjoy […]

December 15th, 1933 – America Gets Drunk Again!

On December 15th, 1933, the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution officially became effective, repealing the Eighteenth Amendment that prohibited the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol . . . the Prohibition Era had come to an end.

Calamity’s Corner: Martini Madness!

Of all the drinks, in all the world, none holds quite the mystique, the elegance, and the image of the Martini. I’m not talking about your Appletinis, Chocotinis, fruity-fru-fru-vodka-and-liqueur in a stemmed glass, no. It takes more than a fancy martini glass to make a Martini. (These days I refer to those other drinks as […]

Pembroke’s Remedies – Cocaine Wine!

In a warm, mahogany paneled drawing room, adorned with filled bookshelves, gorgeous chandeliers and lofty ceilings, Dr. James D. Pembroke sits in an armchair, leaning slightly to one side. To his right, upon a handsome George III oak side-table, sits six or seven bottles of what appears to be wine, yet upon closer inspection they all bear […]

Calamity’s Corner: CyberPunk Drinks!

So, long before I strapped on my first corset, before I glued some gears on it, long long before Steampunk entered my life I was into Cyberpunk. I guess I can say I was introduced to things Cyber waaayyy back in the summer of ’82. It was just before my 12th B-day and I was […]

Calamity’s Corner: Let’s Have a Tiki!

  Tiki bars have come and gone, then come again, and gone, then come back… I think you get the drift. For 80 some odd years Tiki culture (and yes, there is such a thing) has waxed and waned. No other word in the bartending community can evoke such debate as TIKI!

The Most Popular Steampunk Booze!

Back on May 26th, 2015, we invited you to vote in our poll for the most popular Steampunk Booze, and after leaving the poll open for a couple of weeks, we have the final results for you today!

June 10th, 1935 – Dr. Robert Smith Takes His Last Drink!

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) sprang from The Oxford Group, a non-denominational movement modeled after first-century Christianity. Some members found the Group to help in maintaining sobriety. One such “Grouper”, as they were called, was Ebby Thacher, AA founder Bill Wilson’s former drinking buddy and his acknowledged sponsor. Following the evangelical bent of the Group, Thacher told Wilson that […]

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