Soar: An Animated Short Film Airship Adventure

Soar is one of those magical animated short films that demonstrate more storytelling ability than a feature film. It tells the fantastical tale of a young girl who befriends a tiny boy pilot who’s dropped out of the sky. Through the course of a single day, she must find a way to fly her new friend back home before he is stranded on Earth forever.

Hybrid Airships: Bigger, Better, Closer

Just as Star Trek predicted Blue Tooth technology, computer tablets, and flip phones, steampunk has predicted the rise of the dirigible. Or, perhaps more accurately, the resurgence.

How to Train Your Dirigible

A signature event of the 2015 International Steampunk Symposium was the dirigible races taking place Saturday night. Since I had never witnessed this sport it was at the top of my list of must-sees, but due to the costume contest running over I missed the first several flights. A helpful neighbour quickly filled me in, however, […]

Symposium Games – Dirigible Races

Introduction: This year’s Dirigible Races are going to be similar to the 2014 races with a bit of a different ending. This year we will have a course to follow in timed qualifying heats, followed by a head to head final race. The heats will be timed using a manually operated digital timing device. (Sorry […]

Ceremonial Sashes, Medals, & Pins.

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Aether and attendees of the International Steampunk Symposium, with the increase number of excellent pins and medals that people are sporting at Steampunk events we have noticed that people are running out of room on their lapels and such, but we have also noticed those who have begun collecting their […]

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