The First Dirigible Takes Flight!

While Francesco Lana de Terzi may be considered the designer of the first airship, Lieutenant Jean Baptiste Marie Meusnier is mostly accepted as the inventor of the dirigible in 1784.

August 29th, 1898 – Look! It’s the Goodyear Blimp!

The first Goodyear factory opened in Akron, Ohio, on August 29th, 1898. The thirteen original employees manufactured bicycle and carriage tires, rubber horseshoe pads, and poker chips. The company grew with the advent of the automobile, and later started experimenting with airship design.

The “Father of Aeronautics”

The invention of the airship dates back almost three and a half centuries to Lombardy, Italy. In 1670 Francesco Lana de Terzi, a Jesuit Father and professor of physics and mathematics at Brescia first published a description of an “Aerial Ship.” Terzi is commonly referred to as the “Father of Aeronautics” for turning the field of aeronautics into a science by establishing “a theory of aerial navigation […]

The Airship Chronicles – Basics & Beginnings

If a film or TV show needs to illustrate that the characters are now in an “alternative” universe or parallel world, one of the first tropes is to fill the sky with airships. They are the primary image of the Steampunk world and even trump the ubiquitous goggles, but what of the reality of airships […]

May 6th, 1937 – The End of the Airship Era.

The Hindenburg disaster took place on Thursday, May 6th, 1937, as the German passenger airship LZ 129 Hindenburg caught fire and was destroyed during its attempt to dock with its mooring mast at Naval Air Station Lakehurst, which is located adjacent to the borough of Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States. Of the 97 people on […]

Symposium Session – Blimp is Limp: Not another Airship

Blimp is Limp: Not another Airship Presented by Thomas Boice & Michelle Boice There were no limits to ingenuity! Or were there? History, Fantasy and Science Fiction have devised a broad variety of ways for getting your characters to where they need to go. Through land, sea and Air! We examine the pros and cons for […]

The Diabolical Steam Machine Of The Bluegrass – Lexington, KY

The Diabolical Steam Machine Of The Bluegrass is a group of crafters and airship pirates centered around the city of Lexington in Kentucky.  The group meets on the third Saturday of every month and holds a time travelers tea party. All are welcome to come and share their latest adventures and creations with us! We will also […]

Airship Insiders & Airship Outsiders

Many steampunk collectives choose to organize themselves as an airship with a clear hierarchy of commanding officers under the leadership of a benevolent captain. Incidentally, I am under the firm conviction that the steampunk persona title “captain” should be reserved for those who actually lead a group . . . but that’s just my opinion. […]

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