The Beginnings of Controlled Flight

When not busy with cultivating the land on his farm and tilling the crops, Micajah Clark Dyer of Georgia, USA labored in his workshop on his innovative flying apparatus. It is believed successful trial flights were made between 1872-1874 on the mountainside in Choestoe, but detailed dates are not available In 1874 Clark Dyer filed US Patent […]

The First Airship to Cross the North Pole

On May 12th, 1926 a cylindrical shadow crept over the face of the Arctic toward the destination of many failed adventures, the North Pole. In the cold sky above the Pole was a semi-rigid Italian-built airship, the Norge.

“Dirigible” the MOVIE!

Described by as being a “marginally science fictional,”  Dirigible is a 1931 American Pre-Code adventure film directed by Frank Capra. The movie stars Jack Holt, Ralph Graves and Fay Wray and focuses on the competition between naval fixed-wing and airship pilots to reach the South Pole by air. Dirigible was Capra’s and Columbia’s first film to be given prominence […]

April 4th, 1933 – The Downing of Airship USS Akron

USS Akron (ZRS-4) was a helium-filled rigid airship of the U.S. Navy which operated between September 1931 and April 1933. She was the world’s first purpose-built flying aircraft carrier, carrying F9C Sparrowhawk fighter planes which could be launched and recovered while she was in flight. With an overall length of 785 ft (239 m), the Akron and […]

The Flight of the Albatross

“The Airship Chronicles” has thus far focused on the science of airships and their development, but this series was designed to include fictional airships as well as historical ones . . . so ladies and gentlemen, please behold the almighty Albatross!

November 21st, 1783 – First Untethered Hot Air Balloon Flight

In Paris, on November 21st, 1783, Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and François Laurent d’Arlandes, make the first untethered hot air balloon flight.

The First Internal Combustion Engine Airship

The first airship with an internal combustion engine, running on coal gas used to inflate the envelope, was flown by Paul Haenlein in 1872.

The First Steam-Powered Airship!

Airship technology took a huge leap forward in 1852 when Henri Giffard became the first person to make an engine-powered flight. With his steam-powered airship he was able fly 17 miles under the propulsion of his engine.

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