Midsummer Masquerade 2015 – Pickled Brothers Circus

Travis Fessler and his brother Erik Kloeker are the iconic acts of the Midsummer Masquerade, pictured above, at the first ever masquerade back in July 2010, they light up the night each year with various amazing fire acts and sideshow feats of daring do. The third member of the troupe is Susan Fessler and together […]

Midsummer Masquerade – Curse of Cassandra

On July 18th, 2015 the band Curse of Cassandra are going to rock out the Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerade with their oneiric dance beats that mixed with haunting vocals create trance-like states of euphoria. Curse of Cassandra is an electro-witch-dance duo from Columbus, Ohio consisting of Electra Complex¬†on vocals and Asher Black on keyboards and vocals. […]

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