Sunday – April 26th, 2015

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Symposium Map - click to enlarge.

Steampunk Symposium Map. Click to enlarge.

As of April 17th, 2015, THIS is the up to date schedule barring any changes that may be needed due to unforeseen circumstances.


By morning we arrived on the West Coast of the United State of America; many of the airships docked in San Francisco for a spot of breakfast . . . 

10AM – Registration (Sorrento)

10AM – Curiosities Exhibit (Sicily) – 3PM

10AM – Before Star Trek: Science Fiction on the Small Screen (Milan)

10AM – Crowd Funding (Naples)

10AM – Open Workshop (Pompeii)

10AM – Symposium GamesTwisted Skies (Upper Terrace)

10:30AM – Belly Dance Basics with Les Odalisques (Palermo)

10:30AM – Finicky Bits: Lost Arts Explained (Verona)


Several airship took a more southern route and paid a visit to Mexico . . . 

11AM – Merchant Bazaar (Ferrara/Florence) – 3PM

11AM – Running an International Crew (Milan)

11AM – Lights, Sound, Action! (Naples)

11AM – Making a Cage Bustle (Pompeii)

11AM – Curiosities Exhibit (Sicily)

11:30AM – Symposium Feed Back Session (Palermo)

11:30AM – Sew What?!: No-Sew Costuming Techniques (Verona)


By lunchtime it was time to refuel in New York City before making the final trek over the Atlantic Ocean back to London . . . 

12PM – Blimp is Limp: Not Another Airship (Milan)

12PM – THE ETERNA FILES – exclusive reading by Leanna Renee Hieber (Naples)

12PM – Open Workshop (Pompeii)

12PM – Curiosities Exhibit (Sicily)

12PM – Frenchy & The Punk unplugged (Venice/Rome)

12:30PM – Mad Bubble Science with the Bubble Troll (Pompeii)

12:30PM – Creative Electrical Component Integration 102 (Verona)


Those airships on the southern route touched down in Brazil in time for a colorful parade of sorts . . . 

1PM – The Hollow Earth (Milan)

1PM – Flight Across America – The Indian Way (Naples)

1PM – Writer’s Workshop Part 3–Writers’ Read and Rave (Pompeii)

1PM – Curiosities Exhibit (Sicily)

1PM – Les Odalisque Belly Dance Performance – Around the World (Upper Terrace) 

1PM – Pin Up Contest (Venice/Rome)

1:30PM – Mystology 101:The people of D’Ni and their lost civilization. (Verona)


Mid way across the Atlantic, a peculiar thing happened when one of the airships was dragged down into the ocean’s waves by an enormous kraken . . . but mermaids from Atlantis came to their rescue and offer us tea . . . 

2PM – Tea in Atlantis (Athens Room)

2PM – 30 Books in 30 Minutes: Steampunk Edition (Milan)

2PM – Painting with Acrylic Fundamentals with Myke Amend (Naples)

2PM – Writer’s Workshop Part 3 – Writers’ Read and Rave with Emilie P Bush and Friends (Pompeii)

2PM – Curiosities Exhibit (Sicily)


The winds across the Atlantic were hectic, blowing some airships off course while others were carried further ahead at great speeds . . . but which ones landed in London first?

3PM – Closing Ceremonies (Venice/Rome)



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