Saturday – April 25th, 2015

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As of April 17th, 2015, THIS is the up to date schedule barring any changes that may be needed due to unforeseen circumstances.



Registration (Sorrento)

8:30AM – Curiosities Exhibit Registration (Sicily) – 10AM


We start the morning in Egypt . . . 

10AM – Merchant Bazaar (Ferrara/Florence) – 8PM

10AM – Classic British Car Show (South Court Yard – Naples entrance) – 6PM

10AM – How to Train Your Cosplay (Milan)

10AM – Podcast Primer: How to Begin (Naples)

10AM – Writer’s Workshop Part 2–The Boiler Room with Emilie P Bush and Friends (Pompeii)

10AM – Curiosities Exhibit Sponsors & VIP Preview (Sicily)

10AM – Symposium Games – Penny Farthing Race (Upper Terrace) 

10:30AM – Umbrella Fencing Workshop – Registered Airships Only (Palermo)

10:30AM – Youth Crafting and Costuming (Verona)


The race around the world takes us over the deserts of Arabia . . . 

11AM – Merchant Bazaar (Ferrara/Florence)

11AM – Classic British Car Show (South Court Yard – Naples entrance)

11AM – Navigation – How to Find Your Way Around the World (Milan)

11AM – H. G. Wells and the War of the Worlds (Naples)

11AM – Curiosities Exhibit (Sicily)

11AM – Penny Farthing Races – Open Contest (Upper Terrace)

11AM – Mohenjo Daro (Venice/Rome)

11:30AM – Belly Dance Basics with Les Odalisques (Palermo)

11:30AM – Make a Pet Squid (Pompeii)

11:30AM – Creative Electrical Component Integration 101 (Verona)


Some of the Airships touch down in India for a spot of tea . . . 

12PM – Merchant Bazaar (Ferrara/Florence)

12PM – Classic British Car Show (South Court Yard – Naples entrance)

12PM – Building a Steampunk Persona for Teens (Milan)

12PM – Steampunk Music (Naples)

12PM – Curiosities Exhibit (Sicily)

12PM – Symposium Games – Umbrella Fencing (Upper Terrace) 

12PM – Ballroom Dancing Workshop (Venice/Rome)

12:30PM – Open Workshop (Pompeii)

12:30PM – Makeup and Hair for Steampunks (Verona)


Many of the Airships find themselves in Ghana . . . 

1PM – Merchant Bazaar (Ferrara/Florence)

1PM – Classic British Car Show (South Court Yard – Naples entrance)

1PM – Stage Magic in the Age of Steam: Houdin, Houdini, & the Maskelynes (Milan)

1PM – Once Upon a Time in Africa: Steampunkable Stories from the Motherland (Naples)

1PM – Goblin Tea Time (Pompeii)

1PM – Troupe Roja (Venice/Rome)

1PM – Curiosities Exhibit (Sicily)

1:30PM – The Mustache Makes The Man (Verona)


While some Airships round the Southern hemisphere, others went North to Russia . . . 

2PM – Tea in Russia (Athens)

2PM – Merchant Bazaar (Ferrara/Florence)

2PM – Intrepid Victorian Women Adventurers (Milan)

2PM – SteamLolita: Where Steampunk meets Lolita (Naples)

2PM – Curiosities Exhibit (Sicily)

2PM – Classic British Car Show (South Court Yard – Naples entrance)

2PM – Symposium Games – Toy Gun Dueling (Upper Terrace) 

2PM – Ballroom Dancing (Venice/Rome)

2:30PM – Mad Bubble Science with the Bubble Troll (Pompeii)

2:30PM – Steampunk Under 20 (Verona)


Many mountain hazards await the Airships that pass through Tibet . . . 

3PM – Merchant Bazaar (Ferrara/Florence)

3PM – Victorian Conduct Manuals to Current Modes (Milan)

3PM – Recreating the past- The NEW Civil War (Naples)

3PM – Curiosities Exhibit (Sicily)

3PM – Classic British Car Show (South Court Yard – Naples entrance)

3PM – Yayoi Renfro (Venice/Rome)

3PM – Toy Gun Dueling – Open Contest (Upper Terrace) 

3:30PM – Get Your Chignon! (Verona)


After passing over the Great Wall, many of the Airships land in China to trade with merchants and pick up fresh supplies . . . 

4PM – Tea in China (Athens)

4PM – Merchant Bazaar (Ferrara/Florence)

4PM – Steampunk Animation of the East (Milan)

4PM – Women Writing and Publishing in Steampunk (Naples)

4PM – Victorian Embellishments (Pompeii)

4PM – Classic British Car Show (South Court Yard entrance)

4PM – Symposium Games – Tea Dueling (Upper Terrace) 

4PM – Curiosities Exhibit (Sicily)

4PM – Sakura Ladies Chorus (Venice/Rome)

4:30PM – What’s Under There? The ‘Real’ Victoria’s Secret (Verona)


A touch of the French awaits our adventurers in Vietnam . . . 

5PM – Merchant Bazaar (Ferrara/Florence)

5PM – Classic British Car Show (South Court Yard – Naples entrance)

5PM – From Astronomia to Zeppelin: A Short History of German Science Fiction (Milan)

5PM – Beyond Paint and Nerf Guns (Naples)

5PM – Open Workshop (Pompeii)

5PM – Curiosities Exhibit (Sicily)

5PM – Tea Dueling – Open Contest (Upper Terrace) 

5:30PM – Vampire LARP Game Character Creation (Palermo) – 8:30PM

5:30PM – Handsewing Primer Workshop (2 hour block) (Pompeii)

5:30PM – French Influence on Vietnamese Food (Verona)


Across the waters and onward to the vast desert outback of Australia . . . 

6PM – Merchant Bazaar (Ferrara/Florence)

6PM – Fairytale Story Time (Lower Terrace) 

6PM – Fatal Fashions (Milan)

6PM – Steampunk Art Demonstration with Myke Amend (Naples)

6PM – Curiosities Exhibit (Sicily)

6PM – Symposium Games – Moustache & Beard Contest (Upper Terrace) 

6PM – Steampunk Chronicles Reader’s Choice Awards (Venice/Rome)

6:30PM – Victorian Vampire LARP Game (Palermo) – 9:30PM

6:30PM – Victorian Secrets for Today’s Seamstress (Verona) 


Some Airships take a different route and land in the British colony of Hong Kong . . . 

7PM – Cthulhu Podcast with Nerd’s Domain (Athens)

7PM – Dancing with the Green Fairy: An Absinthe Presentation and Tasting (Baker)

7PM – Merchant Bazaar (Ferrara/Florence)

7PM – Gandersnitch the Goblin (Lower Terrace) 

7PM – Steampunk as Metaphor with Samantha “Frenchy” Stephenson (Milan)

7PM – Steam Around the World: Steampunk Beyond Victoriana with Ayleen the Peacemaker (Naples)

7PM – Costume Contest (Venice/Rome – Main Stage) 

7:30PM – Introduction to Robotics (Verona)


For many, the final stop before pushing on over night across the Pacific Ocean is Japan . . .

8PM – Call of Cthulhu RPG (Athens)

8PM – Theory of Mixology (Baker)

8PM – Victorian “Fan” Talk (Milan)

8PM – Around the World with Gustaf Danielsson (Naples)

8PM – Symposium Games – Dirigible Races (Upper Terrace)

8:00PM – Making Metal Roses (Pompeii)


New Zealand, and then the Pacific Ocean over night . . . 

9PM – Mixology 320 (21+) (Baker)

9PM – Victorian Medicine to Modern Fetish (18+) (Milan)

9PM – Victorian Medicine with Lady Clankington and Friends (18+) (Naples)

9PM – Open Workshop (Pompeii)

9PM – Board Games (Upper Terrace) – Midnight

9PM – Symposium Ball – Formal Hour (Venice/Rome)

9:30PM – Twisted Skies Demo (Palermo)

9:30PM – Thomas Williford (Pompeii)

9:30PM – Paranormal Q&A with The Ghosthunters (Verona)


As the Airships race across the vast darkness of the Pacific Ocean . . . 

10PM – Steampunk Erotica with Lady Clankington and Friends (18+) (Naples)

10PM – Symposium Ball – Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Esquire & DJ Doctor Q (Venice/Rome)



 See the Schedule for Sunday, April 26th, 2015



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