Friday – April 24th, 2015

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As of April 17th, 2015, THIS is the up to date schedule barring any changes that may be needed due to unforeseen circumstances.


2PM – Registration Open (Sorrento)

2PM – Curiosities Exhibit Registration (Sicily) – 7PM


Airships from all over the world arrive in England.

4PM – Merchant Bazaar (Ferrara/Florence) – 8PM

4PM – Persona Workshop (Milan)

4PM – The Steampunk Origin Story (Naples)

4PM – Open Workshop (Pompeii)

4PM – Symposium Tea Stroll (Upper & Lower Terrace)

4:30PM – Attending a Con 101 (Verona)

4:30PM – Sleeve Setting Workshop (Pompeii)


The airship crews gather in London to hear news of the Great Race.

5PM – Sponsor Receptions (Athens – invitation only)

5PM – Merchant Bazaar (Ferrara/Florence)

5PM – SteamPublic (Milan)

5PM – Weapon Etiquette and Safety (Naples)

5PM – Symposium Tea Stroll (Upper & Lower Terrace)

5PM – Acarya (Venice/Rome)

5:30PM – Open Workshop (Pompeii)

5:30PM – A Plausible Steampunk Setting or World (Verona)


Many dignitaries and persons of importance are in London for this event of the century.

6PM – Merchant Bazaar (Ferrara/Florence)

6PM – The Completely Inappropriate Tales of Gandersnitch the Goblin (Milan)

6PM – The Maker’s Toolbox (Naples)

6PM – Writer’s Workshop Part 1 – Hemingway Happy Hour with Emilie P Bush and Friends (Pompeii)


Finally Aloysius Fox announces the start of the Great Race; it’s time to leave London!

7PM – Merchant Bazaar (Ferrara/Florence)

7PM – Opening Ceremonies (Venice/Rome)


The airships are away! First stop . . . Paris, France.

8PM – Gaming – Space 1889 (Athens) – 11PM

8PM – Colloquium of Tastes: Rum and Sake (Baker)

8PM – Fairytale Story Time (Lower Terrace) 

8PM – Victorian Spacecraft (Milan)

8PM – Sexual Harassment in Fandom with Ayleen The Peacemaker & Friends (Naples)

8PM – Symposium GamesBocce Ball (Upper Terrace) 

8:30PM – Abusing Your Tools with Thomas Willeford (Pompeii)

8:30PM – Belly Dance Basics (Palermo)

8:30PM – Steampunk Speed Dating (Verona)


Italy is the next stop.

9PM – Mixology 210 (Baker)

9PM – Full-Figured Fashion (Milan)

9PM – Lie Back and Think of England: Women’s Health and Sexuality in Victorian England (Naples)

9PM – Open Workshop (Pompeii)

9PM – Frenchy & the Punk (Venice/Rome)

9PM – Symposium GamesBocce Ball – Open Rounds (Upper Terrace) 

9:30PM – Twisted Skies Demo (Palermo)

9:30PM – Basics to Leather Working (Verona) 


A good wind pushes many of the airships forward of the Sahara.

10PM – Victorian Crime with Lady Clankington (Naples)

10PM – Gaming – Board Games (Upper Terrace) 


Before flying on through the night, many airships will take a break in Greece.


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