Symposium Vendors

The Symposium has a fine group of vendors, crafters, artists, and authors who will many beautiful shiny things for sale in our vendor hall.

Altered History Frank and Steele Rosswyvern Press
Artifixer Goblin Road Shop Troll
Blonde Swan Hat Trix Sylvan Creations
Bree Orlock Designs Highwind Steamworks Time Traveler Designs
Kender Press Tracie Jean Photo
CogBots Myke Amend & Bethalynne Bajema Venusian Airship Pirates
Dryad Tea Off the Beaten Path War Pony Candy
Eye Full Productions Poision Ivy What Not and Wearables
Festooned Butterfly Ringtail Cafe Wolf Home Adventuring

223450_1982140240139_1442211300_32323442_7521956_nAs we draw closer to the opening of the third annual Steampunk Empire Symposium we shall tell you more about each of these wonderful artisans.

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