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We are a local run mother daughter business from Stillwater, MN who create, quality, apparel, bridal and costumes. We have several lovely employees who help us make, pattern and design all of our products in shop. We have been a business since 2010 but have combined over 40 years of sewing experience. We love creating clothing to feel any person, gender, size, etc. in something that makes them feel amazing.


We sell, full Steampunk, Gothic and fantasy gowns. Women’s, Gothic, Steampunk, alternative blouses, skirts, jumpers and dresses. Men’s shirts, vest, ascots, cuff-links and pocket squares. We also have Men, coat and jacket examples for custom order. We also carry our very popular corset jacket for women, which is a fully boned corset jacket, appropriate for the Ren Faire, steampunk or other costume events.
We also have array of accessories including, handbags, lace chokers, finger-less hand dyed gloves.

Check out their website, peruse their wares at their Etsy site, and LIKE their Facebook Page.


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