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Blonde Swan is the premier handmade leather hat shop. Based here in Northern Ohio we are proud to represent our Art. We have over 30 designs and have been making hats for over 10 years. They are all made in the USA and are our own designs.

Blonde Swan booth

The Blonde Swan was established in the year 2000, with the goal of reinventing the art of millinery. Our company was founded on a passion to blend both fashion and craftsmanship. Designs are developed into patterns then cut by hand and sewn in our own studio. We specialize in handcrafted fashionable leather hats and accessories. From Fantasy to Renaissance, we have a little something for everyone!

We strive to give our customers a magical experience because we take pride in what we do. In this day and age, to have a business creating with our hands, is a rare and special thing.

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