Symposium Session – Victorian Medicine

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Victorian Medicine

Presented by Brittney Benjamin & Thomas Boice

Gaze upon the seedy underbelly of medical quackery and the unique items they propagated in History, Steampunk, Renaissance and Fantasy in this review on the snake oil culture that appeals to the rogues, villains and mad scientists in all of us.

Let’s combine our brilliant minds and see what we yield.


This is an approximately one hour long power point presentation. The main focus of this panel is the extreme amounts of change that happened in both science and everyday life: as today, medicine and society in the Victorian era were co-dependent; changing needs in one drove advances in the other. This presentation keeps a relatively light, more humorous tone and, while scientifically and historically accurate, is appropriate for attendees of all education levels.


Brittney Benjamin

Photo by Errant Knight Photography

Brittney Benjamin is a medical student at Michigan State University, with a background in medical ethics and medical history. She is also a costumer and creator of SheWolf Studios. In trying to find the balance between her love of medicine and love of art, she has (mostly) convinced her advisers that running around in steampunk costumes will make her a better doctor.


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