Symposium Session – Victorian Flower Language

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Victorian Flower Language

Presented by Lydia Lamplighter

Say it with flowers started long before teleflora. Learn about Victorian Flower Language as well as what flowers meant internationally at that time. Roses are red, violets are blue, and dried roses say I’d rather die than go out with you.

Firstly we will talk about modern language of flowers and then go into the origination of flower language from Victorian England. Then we will take a trip across the channel to France, a stop in India and China, and a last dalliance in Japan to learn about how these cultures that interacted with the English during the Victorian time would have had completely different meanings with their plant language. This will be done with a powerpoint, demo bouquets to “translate”, and a Q&A session for how to say it with flowers in your garden.



Lydia Lamplighter 250xLydia Lamplighter – Saying it with flowers and the meanings of plants were a daily passtime while growing up. Even as a child I was educated in flower language. I have been very interested in the Victorian culture of flower language as well as hidden meanings in art involving plants and symbolism. I have been known now to send messages with flowers in logo design, arts, costumes, and occasionally in yard plantings.

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