Symposium Session – Torchless: A Multisensory Dungeon Crawl

Torchless: A Multisensory Dungeon Crawl

Presented by Jennifer Howlett

Put on a blindfold and use your ears, your hands, and your nose to help your party escape from an evil wizard’s dungeon.

A party of low level adventurers is trapped in the Queen of Hearts’ dungeon with nothing but the ragged clothes on their backs. They all want desperately to escape with their heads still firmly affixed to their bodies, but the dungeon is completely dark and filled to the brim with hazards and traps! A group of volunteers will be blindfolded and put through this multisensory adventure without leaving their seats. Unable to use their sight, they’ll have to depend upon the rest of their senses to get them to safety. The audience will watch the adventure unfold before their eyes, and will help to create some of the special effects for the players. Join us as either a player or an audience member.

Jennifer HowlettJennifer Howlett is the founder of Adventure Scents, a company providing scent special effects for your favorite games, books, movies, and costumes. As a professional educator, she’s spent years developing techniques for enriching learning experiences. Why not use these strategies to improve your games?

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