Symposium Session – Theory of Mixology

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Theory of Mixology

Presented by Odetta von Kasek

Co-presenters: Calamity Dawn, Dorian Bridges, The Steampunk Mixologist, & DJ Dr. Q

Join your favorite ambassadors of imbibing as they discuss their personal theories & practices of all things alcohol! From their humble beginnings, to their favorite tips, they will reveal all their secrets! (Ok, not all, but at least a few.)

I, Odetta von Kasek, will be moderating this panel as Calamity, Dorian, The Steampunk Mixologist, & Dr. Q discuss their history in mixology. We will also explore the various definitions of mixology, as well as their “dos & don’ts”.


Odetta von KasekOdetta von Kasek has been working with Calamity Labs for two years. In that time she has been cultivating her love of alcohol, & honing her palate. And she just loves to talk about drinks with these people.

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