Symposium Session: The Steampunk Origin Story

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The Steampunk Origin Story

Presented by Captain A. M. & Airship Hindentanic.

Airship Hindentanic & The Southern Illinois Steampunk Society GroupWe delve into the origin of steampunk, looking at the modern founders and their inspiration. Come take a trip with us as we explore the minds of Jeter, Blaylock, Powers and more!

The session will be about exploring the books that help to define steampunk as seen by K.W. Jeter and friends. We’re going to go over why these books are considered steampunk, and what about them helped to define the culture as it stands. We’ll talk about the novels from before the term was coined but only as a steady base for which the other ones could jump from. 


Airship Hindentanic & The Southern Illinois Steampunk Society Leader CROPAndre M. Mahdi, a senior in college, has researched, read, and studied many of the mentioned books. He has presented his findings before the Airship Hindentanic, and now comes to present it to you.

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