Symposium Session – The Ghost Wore Black

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The Ghost Wore Black: Victorian/Edwardian Paranormal Obsessions

GHOSTWOREBLACKCOVERthumbnail1-199x300Presented by Chris Woodyard

As a writer on the ghosts of the past, I rescue from obscurity the oddities, the ghosts, monsters, and wonders that haunted our ancestors.

This is a presentation about those haunting obsessions. My sampling of paranormal preoccupations of the 19th and early 20th centuries will include the banshee-like Women in Black, spook lights, death omens, fiery devils, ghostly animals, angels of death, and much more.


Chris Woodyard has been writing and speaking about ghosts and hauntings since 1991 in her Haunted Ohio series and her Victorian/Edwardian Ghosts of the Past series.

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