Symposium Session – Steampunk Vampire LARP Game

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Steampunk Vampire LARP Game

Presented by Drew Profit

It’s a new night filled with old struggles as ancient immortals prepare their machinations against the greatest threats they’ve ever known – each other, and themselves. This session will give you an introduction to LARP in general, Vampire The Masquerade and the World of Darkness as a setting, and help you create a persona for the session that immediately follows.

Vampire LARP 680

Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade is a narrative game of vampires and mortals, a story of darkness and light that provides players with the opportunity to engage directly in the age-old tradition of collaborative storytelling, but with a very modern twist. You will step into the role of an immortal vampire seeking to survive, and even thrive, in a complex society hidden beneath our own. In this World of Darkness, enemies hide in every shadow, and a moment’s weakness could prove your eternal undoing. Each night is a constant struggle — not just for power, but also to preserve your humanity even as your vampiric instincts perpetually drive you into a dark spiral until you bottom out as a monster without a soul.  The tale is about the allure of vast powers chained to very human weaknesses. Enter the World of Darkness in this introductory session of the Live-Action Roleplaying game, Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade.  This game will be set in Victorian times to match the Steampunk Theme.


Drew ProfitDrew Profit  has been playing Vampire The Masquerade since the game was released in 1992. He has been a member of the Live-Action Role Playing club known as Mind’s Eye Theater for almost as long. Attending the international conventions for the past seven years, Drew has acted as the personal assistant for the convention lead and has been an assistant producer for the last four years. He has helped to produce the event in cities such as Atlanta, Los Angeles, Nashville, and New Orleans, as well as the upcoming one in Las Vegas later this year. Drew has also been published twice over as a writer of role-playing games, writing for both White Wolf and Pinnacle.

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