Symposium Session – Sew What?!: No-Sew Costuming Techniques

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Sew What?!: No-Sew Costuming Techniques

Presented by Brittney Benjamin

You’ve planned the perfect steampunk ensemble, with just one problem – you can’t sew! Never fear, this panel will show you all of the amazing costumes you can make without ever stepping near a sewing machine. We’ll teach you how to find the best raw materials, and then show how to rip, glue, grommet, tape, staple, shred, knot, and bind those thrift store rejects into the costume of your dreams.

Glue Gun

This panel introduces several no-sew costuming techniques such as different types of glue, interfacing, riveting, grommets, staples, pins, ribbons, etc, and pictures of how they can be used in completed costumes. The panel also goes over thrifting hints, such as what materials make good base costumes, and things like color theory, accessories, trims, etc, that can be useful in creating a FULL costume. It finishes with pictures (and in person examples) of costumes created with no or very little sewing.


Brittney BenjaminBrittney Benjamin is a full time medical student and creator of SheWolf Studios. She received most of her costuming training through community theatre and assisting at the Lansing Civic Player’s Costume Shop, and credits these experiences for her “make it work!” attitude when it comes to both art and medicine.

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