Symposium Session – Polka Dance Workshop

Dance Basic Polka

Presented by Don Dodson, Leah Dodson, & Patrick Lusher.

This is a Social Ballroom dance class teaching basic Polka steps, but with an emphasis on having fun.

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Social Ballroom dance has existed for many years, and is a great way to spend 2 1/2 minutes getting to know someone. What makes Social Ballroom different, is that the focus is on having fun, not perfecting steps. Join us for this workshop where we will go over the basic steps for the Polka. Then take what you learn and show your friends at the Symposium Ball.


Don DodsonDon Dodson has been a vintage ballroom dancer for many years, dancing at various events around the region. He has learned dances from Renaissance to Swing. Has While he encourages students to perfect their foot work, he does not lose sight of the fact that dance is meant to be fun and social. He has performed with various troupes over the years and has taught Basic Waltz and Polka a number of times.

Leah DodsonLeah Dodson is the women behind the man, having met Don in 2005, she encouraged him to pursue dance, an interest he possessed, but had never looked into. She had been involved in the vintage dance community for an even longer period of time, and has been to dance camps in places like Historic Newport, RI. She too has been called upon to teach beginners and veterans alike. She has danced with various troupes over the years and is even an active Belly Dancer.

Patrick LusherPatrick Lusher is a skilled dancer who has been perfecting his foot work for many years. He provides another set of eyes and can offer insights that many others may overlook.

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