Symposium Session – Paranormal Q&A with the Ghosthunters

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Paranormal Q&A with the Ghosthunters

Presented by Grant Wilson & Michael Richie

Grant Wilson

Steampunk and the paranormal go hand in hand. Here is your chance to ask any question you may have of respected paranormal investigator Grant Wilson of TAPS and Syfy’s Ghost Hunters and  Michael Richie, also a well respected investigator. These two have investigated together off-camera since they were 15. But they are more than that, they also have written the first of several steampunk books Kingship, Tales from the Aether: Brotherhood of the Strange is the first book in the series. They also own their own board game company “Rather Dashing Games”.


Grant Wilson SP

Grant Wilson . . . isn’t he that guy from Ghost Hunters? Yes… yes he is. A world respected paranormal investigator, he knows a thing or two about weird stuff. outside of his vast experience in the field of paranormal investigation, Grant grew up a goofball, constantly in a state of creativity. He has been drawing and composing music since he was almost too young to start. At the age of twelve he started building literary worlds; cultures, magic, languages, and more. When wasn’t feasting on geekiness or creating his own, he was bruising himself up hiking, biking, camping, and playing soccer. Now that he has finally grown up, he’s added more to that list including; cooking, ghost hunting, playing with his band, and pretending he isn’t twelve. He has one piano CD under his belt and another on the way.

Michael Richie is an avid storyteller and award winning tabletop game designer who considers himself a lifetime geek and has been reading fantasy, science fiction (actually books of all kinds) and been playing games as long as he can remember. He spends a lot of his time adventuring with his wife and son.  When not writing books or designing games, Mike enjoys travel, camping, biking, martial arts, investigating the paranormal, cooking, studying ancient history, and debating the finer points of geeky philosophy.

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