Symposium Session – Once Upon a Time in Africa

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Once Upon a Time in Africa: Steampunkable Stories from the Motherland

Presented by Ofeibea Loveless

Want to know more about the empires in African countries but not sure where to start? Learn about the Mino of Dahomey, the Zulu, the Ashanti, the Iron Age empires of North Africa and more as panelists explore stories of war, struggle and triumph that are ripe for steampunking in this roundtable discussion.

Ofeibea Loveless will discuss African histories as they relate to the late 19th centuries in this interactive format. Roundtable discussion (moderated by Loveless) with history on African empires across the continent and how it’s applicable to steampunk as well as quiz questions for audience members.


Ofeibea LovelessOfeibea Loveless is a member of Cincinnati’s Airship Ashanti, which comes at steampunk from a West African point of view, and the co-founder of the Midwest Black Speculative Fiction Alliance.

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