Symposium Session – Mixology 320

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Mixology 320

Presented by Calamity Labs

Mixology 320: You’ve been to the presentations, now it’s time to try something a little hands on!

Mixology 320 is a more hands on experience. This is a chance for you to show Calamity and Dorian what you’ve learned. There will 3 teams of 3 people competing for the coveted title of Calamity Labs Mixology 320 Champions!


Calamity Dawn and Dorian Bridges are the co-founders of Calamity Labs. The Labs were formed out of a desire to educate people in an entertaining fashion on alcohol, spirits and liqueurs. As professional bartenders and mixologists we have a fairly deep understanding of how cocktails work. Using the information that has been garnered over this time, we will discuss various aspects of the bar, from behind, mixing drinks, to being on the stool, enjoying those cocktails. Discussions of various techniques and recipes. As well as how to keep the others around you, and yourself as well, safe as you enjoy. In addition to our knowledge on alcohol we also know a fair bit about aspects related to cocktail crafts. From making your own ingredients, to safe service, bar etiquette, and other hedonistic interests. 

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