Symposium Session – Local Dieselpunk/Steampunk Film Showcase

Local Dieselpunk/Steampunk Film Showcase

Presented by Nyx R. Grabe

Screening of  three movies: The Wars of Other Men, Fragility and The Making of The Wars of Other Men.

One hour program containing the movies Fragility, The Wars of Other Men and the Making of The Wars of Other Men with a teaser of our new Wild Marjoram project shown at the end of the program.

Fragility is a steampunk movie where two space captains land of a forbidden planets, The Wars of Other Men is a Dieselpunk movie where a solider has to make a choice between his honor and obeying commands and The Making of The Wars of Other Men is a feature showing how the special effects of TWOOM were made.

Nyx R. GrabeNyx R. Grabe has been doing video shows and films since the early 90’s, starting with a local music show in Western Michigan. She recently got back into making films and worked with Mike Zawacki in creating a feature for the DVD of his film, The Wars of Other Men and his crew is working on series for TWOOM and a teaser short for her own Dieselpunk book series, Wild Marjoram.

To learn more about other sessions, workshops, and special events please visit the International Steampunk Symposium Schedule . . . your invaluable guide to the topsy turvy realm of Wonderland!

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