Symposium Session – Intuitive Tarot for Self Reflection

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Intuitive Tarot for Self Reflection

Presented by Sair Blades

Ever wanted to enter the ~Mystical World of Tarot~ with a psychological approach? Well, here is your chance to come and learn to read the cards for the purpose of introversion and self reflection. We will cover a brief history of the Tarot and archetypes before covering a few techniques to read the cards for your self. A live demo will be included.


This is a how to panel, but also a bit of an info dump. The first third will cover the history of Tarot and then establish the context of the panel, a psychological approach rather than a religious or debunking approach. The second third will cover the basis of the Fool’s Journey and the system involved with a Rider-Waite for those who like systems, and how to look at the pictures and see a story for those who do not. The final third I will attempt to explain a 3 card draw that’s up on my webcam.

This panel will is NOT intended for people to learn how to become commercial Tarot readers, or an open forum for an ethical debate on the scruples of professional readers. The audience will be informed of this.


Sair BladesSair Blades is a roving engineer, costumer and armchair occultist. Her fascination with the bridge between science and reason and occult and wonder has been the subject of her study for nearly ten years strong. Frequently spotted with a grimoire labeled “Field Notes” she has emerged from recesses of our imagination to share with us old traditions and explore how they might benefit the new and “enlightened” generation of gentlefolk.

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