Symposium Session – Intro to Podcasting

Intro to Podcasting

Presented by Troy Copes

An introduction to all you need to know about getting started in podcasting!

Have you ever thought about starting a podcast but have no clue where to begin? What equipment to use? What editing software is easiest to use? In this panel, From recording equipment and editing software, so hosting sites, the creator of The Uncommon Geek podcast will tell you everything you need to know to get your show off the ground with relative ease!

A long time ago, on a starship far, far away… A child was born unto the ‘verse.

fleet-admiral-ackbarTroy Copes is the owner and creator (Boss Monkey) of The Uncommon Geek and started his podcast as a way to easily interview note-worthy geeks he knew. The podcast has since expanded to cover other areas of interest with “geek out” episodes covering everything from theoretical meta-neurophysics to Star Wars. He has been in the podcasting industry for over 2 years, and has been doing the site for almost 5.

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