Symposium Session – How to Teapot Race

How to Teapot Race

Presented by Stephen Chapman

What is Splendid Teapot Racing? Come learn from an experienced racer and the builder of the track we’ll be using in this year’s Symposium Games, how to teapot race and what’s involved. Then return after opening ceremonies and watch the Symposium’s first ever Splendid Teapot Race!

Stephen ChapmanStephen Chapman is a man of many talents . . . in addition to being a maker and leader in North American Teapot Racing, he is also author of The Stonehenge Rift, a sci-fi set in 1890, the first book in The Company Chronicles series. Chapman will be providing an introduction to the art of racing teapots AND will also be organizing the first ever Teapot Race at the International Steampunk Symposium.

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