Symposium Session – Hobby vs. Business

Hobby vs. Business

Presented by Nivi-Nichole Hicks

Everyone’s here for their own reasons, but it’s time to be clear on what does it mean to be a “Professional” and a hobbyist.

There are certain areas that do divide the level upon which Steampunk is slightly redefined and THAT is OK! It doesn’t matter if you are professional or you decide to keep it a hobby. Both can pay off, but it’s up to YOU to set your own standards on how you want to be known and approached for your hobby and to know the ramifications on the pathways available.

Nivi SnowThe Utah Duchess of Steampunk, director, and performer, Nivi-Nichole has had a love and a passion for Steampunk for 10 years. Mentored and loved by many artist, creatives, and enthusiasits, Nivi-Nichole is best known for her work as a convention director to the con, Salt City Steamfest.

Nivi hopes to find a place for her own style of “punk” among titans of Steampunk such as Sarah Hunter, Charles Edward Mason II, Steampunk Boba Fett, Tony Ballard-Smoot, just to name a few and thus has launched at as a model persona “The Duchess Nivi-Nichole”.

She is an expert panelist and presentor, always enjoying the opportunity to share her experience in the world of costuming, as a woman, and as a friend promoting confidence in all aspects of being geeky/nerdy/you. She is also an advocate for Autism, Suicide Prevention, and Ovarian Cancer and thus will do many promotional photos to cause awareness amongst these very close to her heart subjects.

To learn more about other sessions, workshops, and special events please visit the International Steampunk Symposium Schedule . . . your invaluable guide to the topsy turvy realm of Wonderland!

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