Symposium Session – From Astronomia to Zeppelin

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From Astronomia to Zeppelin: A Short History of German Science Fiction

Presented by Kevin Richards

Kurd LasswitzIntroduction to German science fiction literature during Wilhelmina Germany, the equivalent to the Victorian era. Kurd Lasswitz, the German contemporary author of Verne and Wells will be discussed, as will some of the early German pulps that have steampunk appeal such as Capt. More and the Sky Pirates. Steampunk in German speaking countries today will also be covered.

This panel will begin with a comparison of Victorian England and Wilhelmina Germany. Kurd Lasswitz and his speculative fiction will be discussed in comparison to Wells and Verne. Then there will be a discussion of examples of German science fiction literature and time for questions. The speaker will also present some of the various steampunk trends, projects and groups in German speaking counties today.


Dr. Kevin A. RichardsDr. Kevin A. Richards is a lecturer of Germanic languages and literatures at the Ohio State University where he teaches courses on mythology, German science fiction and representations of America in German literature and cinema. He was introduced to steampunk through his brother and has since incorporated the study of Wilhelmina and Prussian culture and literature ( the German equivalent of the Victorian era) and its current resurgence and celebration in German-based emanations of steampunk culture into his research and teaching.

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