Symposium Session – Flight Across America: The Indian Way

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Flight Across America: The Indian Way

Presented by Danny Ray West AKA Peacemaker (Indian Name)

Learn about the locations where American Indian Tribes started around 1700 and where they were two hundred years later. What was the cause and effect of what happened during this time as a result of the American Government’s attitude toward and treatment of American Indians?



Danny WestWhile residing in the mountains of West Virginia and Kentucky, Danny Ray West was aware of his family being Cherokee Indian on both sides, but his heritage was only discussed among family members and never outside the home. Finally in the late 1980’s, he began a long and tenuous journey to document and prove his family’s Cherokee heritage. In early 1992, he found evidence that his great great great uncle Jacob West and Aunt were on the Trail of Tears (the forced removal of the Cherokee from east of the Mississippi to Oklahoma). He has since further documented the Indian heritage on both sides of his family. Interest in all American Indian tribes has long been a major part of his research and journey, exploring the family tribes of the Cherokee, Mohawk, and Saponi.

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