Symposium Session – Dancing with the Green Fairy

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Dancing with the Green Fairy: An Absinthe Presentation and Tasting

Presented by Greg Bogard 

Co-presenter(s): Justin Greathouse

Curious about the mysterious & intoxicating world of Absinthe? Let the crew of the HMAS Dauntless take you on a fascinating trip thru the history of Absinthe and demonstrate the finer points of preparing it along with some of the tools you’ll need…but be sure to bring your taste buds along for the ride!

We will delve into the beginnings of the liqueur, some factual history, the making thereof, and some of the interesting stories surrounding some of history’s most famous imbibing figures. Different forms of Absinthe will be offered for tasting from original recipes to modern day takes on the mythical elixir. Moods will be set, minds may be bent slightly, laughs will be had, and taste buds may be startled.


Greg BogardGreg Bogard has been in the restaurant and bar industry for 30 years from fine dining to the night club scene. He has studied absinthe for several years before it was legalized again in the US and since then even more so. Working in Florida, he befriended several individuals from countries that never stopped making absinthe and have had the opportunity to acquire some from those areas as well.

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