Symposium Session – Creative Electrical Component Integration 102

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Creative Electrical Component Integration 102

Presented by Oswin Bernerd McGuinness

The second panel on electrical integration. 101 being a basic into to electrical components and technique on how to implement them in to everyday con wear and simple ideas on how to do so. The 102 being more advanced hardware with complex tear downs and theories on use and implementation.

Oswin Bernerd McGuinness

The session includes a slideshow and presentation with discussion and brainstorming on what to do and how to get it done.


Oswin Bernerd McGuinness ProfileOswin Bernerd McGuinness owns and runs an I.T. support and consulting business and has a prop and cosplay business as a side hobby. He’s been an electronic enthusiast for years, has had props featured in museum exhibits, and has won awards for a few of the pieces.

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