Symposium Session – Blimp is Limp: Not another Airship

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Blimp is Limp: Not another Airship

Presented by Thomas Boice & Michelle Boice

There were no limits to ingenuity! Or were there? History, Fantasy and Science Fiction have devised a broad variety of ways for getting your characters to where they need to go. Through land, sea and Air! We examine the pros and cons for all of them as we boldly plan our next adventure!

Modern Airship

We begin with Airships and deconstruct their pros and cons both in literature and history. Then we look at all other modes of travel steampunk and fantasy have offer, and try to balance the good, the bad, and the amazing!


Thomas BoiceThomas Boice earned his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Wayne State University and also worked extensively with the History department. He has in the field of interactive and applied theatre while working as a feature performer for various intinerant performing companies such as Ring of Steel, the Theatrical Combat Network, the Intrigue Factory and Resident Ensembles like the Michigan Renaissance Festival and others for nearly 17 years.

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