Symposium Session – Beyond Paint & Nerf Guns

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Beyond Paint & Nerf Guns

Presented by Colonel Octavius Fogg

Beyond paint and nerf guns, building fantastic weapons and accessories with metal, plastic, iron, and wood.

Learn simple ways to build the incredible steampunk weapons and accessories that you see for very high prices on auction websites. Discover how to find materials like copper tubing, clock parts, body armor, and brass fasteners for a fraction of their cost new. Learn how to fasten things together using a simple system of drilling and gluing. No taps, lathe work, or welding required. Instruction by a master craftsman who has simplified construction details to produce high quality, convincing weaponry and other items.


Colonel Fogg (aka Larry Brown) has been a professional luthier, a builder of stringed musical instruments of all types for the past 45 years, and has recently turned to building steampunk accessories as a hobby. His background includes building optical devices, mainly telescopes and eyepieces. He has assisted other steampunk afficionados in constructing fantastical devices for various events.

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