Symposium Session – Belly Dance Basics

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Belly Dance Basics

Presented by Lady Lorelei & Les Odalisques.

Les Odalisques 2A hands on workshop designed to teach newcomers the basics of belly dance. Participants of the workshop will learn a short choreography by the end of the class.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing that allows movement and shoes can can be removed.


The members of Les Odalisques will guide students through a series of basic movement set to music. These moves will be joined together by the end of class to form a short choreography. Emphasis on posture and isolations will be addressed as well as smooth transitions from one movement to the next. The class will be Lady Lorelei will support from other troupe members of Les Odalisques.


Les Odalisques have been performing at assorted Steampunk and cultural events for the past three years. We are a group of steampunk enthusiastics with a talent for dance and theater. Workshop will be led by Angela Noreck, who has been dancing 10 years.

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