Symposium Session – Absinthe: Your Portal Wonderland Awaits

Absinthe; Your Portal Wonderland Awaits

Presented by Greg Bogard & Justin Greathouse

Talking about and Tasting of many Absinthe varieties (21+ session).

This session will delve lightly into the myths and rituals surrounding the domain of the Green Fairy. We will delve deeper into the varieties that currently abound, where to acquire them, and the differences thereof. We will see the influences of the green muse from the days of the bohemian musicians and writers, the Moulin Rouge and the cafes of Montmartre, to modern day movies and television.

Please note the attendees must be over the age of 21-years-old to attend this session.

Greg BogardGreg Bogard has been in the Hospitality business for over 30 years. Running the beverage operations in the largest resort in Daytona Beach for several years enabled him to acquire and taste innumerable liqueurs and cocktails from all areas of the globe including Absinthe years before it was welcomed again on US soil. This was the start of an exciting journey into the myths and traditions surrounding this wonderful elixir.


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