Symposium Session – A Plausible STEAMPUNK Setting or World

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A Plausible STEAMPUNK Setting or World

Presented by Edmund W. Charlton

Alternate History of a Steampunk World – Presentation and Discussion of a plausible setting or timeline that fits how we think of a Steampunk world.

Russian Steampunk

At the beginning of the Panel Session the speaker(s) hand out a sheet of very brief talking points and a high points version of an Alternate Timeline – a World like ours but with changes that fits how we all know and love Steampunk now in our Mind’s Eye. Lively but friendly debate and discussion is the goal. Also possibly providing a plausible setting for writers and gamers into role playing games.


Edmund W. CharltonEdmund W. Charlton has been very interested in alternate histories and timelines for over 15 years. He also runs role playing game campaigns that he researches enough to make them convincing and plausible for the players.


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