Symposium Pin Drawing Winner

2014 SES Pins 680x400On Saturday, June 7th, at the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon the winner for our Symposium Pins Draw was selected at random from all of the new people who signed up to be on the “secret” mailing list . . . and the winner was Ramona Kern of Hilliard, Ohio!


When connected regarding her win, Ramona replied:

So So Awesome!  In February I had just discovered Steampunk (while looking for ways to get rid of my so boring desktop icons) and in a wild coincidence, learned about the Steampunk Symposium in Cincinnati.  I went for 1 day just to see what it was. Btw, I am also a mad Star Wars and Dr. Who fan.  The Symposium was amazing!  People were fun and nice and welcoming, and creativity was just everywhere!  I so regretted not spending the entire 3 days there.  Now, I’m working on a character and costume and reading everything I can.  I will be there all 3 days next year for sure.  

Winning the pins is just the best ever!  I cannot tell you how excited I am!  I wasn’t sure whether I should count that as my first Steampunk Convention, since I didn’t really participate, but apparently, it is 🙂  Now I will have to incorporate them into my costume and I’m so very excited about that, a new element to subtly add.  I can’t stop smiling and this just made my day!  

We are very happy for Ramona and look forward to seeing her at future events sporting her complete set of 2014 Steampunk Symposium pins.

Meanwhile the entries are pouring in for June’s Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest. You have until June 16th to get your entry submitted, so don’t delay . . .


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