Symposium Hotel Update

Eastgate Holiday Inn FoyerYesterday there was a mad rush to book a room for the 2015 Steampunk Empire Symposium, and there were many reports of the hotel being sold out . . . relax . . . don’t panic . . . there are still some rooms left and to quote Yoda, “there is another.”

As of today, there are approximately 66 rooms left for both 4/24/15 and 4/25/15. So while one does need to panic just yet, one shouldn’t wait too long either. Details on the main hotel can be found HERE.

Fairfield InnNote to vendors – even though the Symposium has not started accepting vendor applications yet, we do have a block of 25 rooms set aside for you.

The Symposium’s second hotel is literally across from the main hotel. The Fairfield Inn & Suites is directly opposite the Eastgate Holiday Inn with just a driveway dividing the two, and adds an additional 78 rooms to the Symposium campus.


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